TAKREER Is one of the leading water treatment equipment manufacturers in the Gulf region? The company has achieved its position as a leading firm through the manufacturing of a complete product line of Reverse Osmosis Units, Ion Exchange equipment, Filtration systems, CAR wash recycling, grey water treatment, sewage treatment plants and industrial  waste treatment.

The product lines cover all the water sources and requirements of the region. Separate water treatment equipment lines are designed for agricultural, municipal, and industrial applications, and tailored production for the seawater, brackish water and surface water sources.

The efficient products have attained the company enough power to expand and supply equipment to the whole region, rated as the first in the United Arab Emirates in this field in the year 2005                                                                                                                                            

TAKREER has achieved its position as leading firm through its activities in process design, supply and installation for equipments, consultancy services, research and development to produce a complete line of water treatment equipments.

  1. Reverse Osmosis for Tap, Brackish and seawater.
  2. Multi-media Filters.
  3. Softeners and Ion exchange.
  4. Water Filtration plants for river water.
  5. Sewage treatment plant.
  6. Industrial waste treatment.
  7. Water disinfections (U.V, Ozonation and Chlorination)
  8. Odor control (scrubbers, bio filter and activated carbon filter)
  9. Chemicals system (Acid dosing, coagulant and Flocculants)
  10. CAR washes water recycling.
  11. Grey water treatment.
  12. Laundry water recycling.
  13. Industrial wastewater treatment.



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