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On-Load Tube Cleaning System

Because condenser water cooling systems are open to the environment, the water in them soon become dirty. During the process of cool down, water in the cooling tower absorbs dust and other impurities that are present in the air. Environmental condition such as location of the premises is season, also help to from slime and algae. Chemicals left behind from the water treatment process can also aggravate the situation. When all these condition occur, fouling mechanisms form on the tube wall, restricts the flow of water and effects the heat transfer causes higher power consumption. In general practice, once or twice a year OFF-LINE manual cleaning of the chiller is needed to rid condenser tubes of fouling mechanisms. Wasted time and expensive maintenance can only ensure optimum performance for a short time. As soon as the chiller unit is returned to service, performance begins to deteriorate. Also, during manual condenser tubes cleaning and damage to the tube wall occurs.


cooling tower chemical cleaning

The benefits of using Ball Guard on-load tube cleaning system.

Ball Guard provides you with the best possible solution for energy conservation at the chiller plant, the benefits are as follows:

  • Lower power consumption up to 30% at the chiller.
  • Maintains constant heat transfer efficiency.
  • Eliminates the need for costly manual cleaning.
  • Avoid tubes scratching and damage from manual tube cleaning.
  • Reduces condenser corrosion and pitting.
  • Increases the chiller life.
  • Reduces the huge volume of water from bleed off/saving water, and pollution.
  • Reduces the use of chemical.
  • Increases the unit availability.
  • Reduces the chiller first cost.
  • Environment Friendly.

With the outstanding design, Ball Guard provides the advantages of using Ball Guard system as follow:

  • The condenser water will not be mixing between the condenser water supply and condenser water return. When the condition of condenser water is not change, the chiller can be operated at the optimum efficiency.
  • The condenser water shall be always clean with the help of packaged filtering unit.
  • Packaged system design provides low cost of installation, space saving and reliable service in a wide range of applications.

cooling tower chemical cleaning


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