solar home


There are three main ways in which the solar technology can be used in homes.

Solar Heaters
Solar water heaters are an integral part of saving electricity with home solar technology. Water heating is one of the top energy requiring activities of the home. In fact, the price of heating water is about one quarter of the cost of all energy used in a single family home. Homes that use solar water heaters save all that money when it’s time to pay those utility bills.

Solar Power
It is possible for an entire home to run off of solar electricity. This means not just alarm clocks and ceiling fans, but such things as dishwashers, clothing washers, and TVs. Of course, depending on how many solar panels are installed and where one resides (among other factors,) varying amounts of solar electricity will be produced.
It is worth noting that some people produce enough solar electricity that their utilities company actually must credit them. In other words, their home solar technology makes them money!

Solar Pool Heating
Solar energy is used more for the heating of swimming pools than it is for any other use. It takes an incredible amount of energy to heat a swimming pool, especially if it is kept open throughout the entire year. The solar technology used to heat pools is very reliable. In fact, it is so reliable that it oftentimes has warranties that exceed those of all other solar appliances.

Home solar technology tends to be very low maintenance because the lack of moving parts leaves very little that can break. Therefore, once a home solar pool heating system is installed, there are very few follow-up expenses: little maintenance costs and no running costs.

Other Solar Products
Other solar products include simple items like solar pond pumps and outdoor solar lighting. These are generally easy to install and also very low maintenance. It is wise to first try out one of these simpler forms of solar technology if there is any hesitation about larger investments.