MBBRMBBR biofilm technology is based on specially designed plastic biofilm carriers or biocarriers that are suspended and in continuous movement within a tank or reactor of specified volume.


The industrial and municipal wastewater is led to the MBBR treatment reactor where biofilm, growing within the internal structures of the biocarriers, degrade the pollutants. These pollutants that need to be removed in order to treat the wastewater are food or substrate for growth of the biofilm. The biocarrier design is critical due to requirements for good mass transfer of substrate and oxygen to the microorganisms and there is a continuous R&D in the area of the MBBR biofilm technology . Excess biofilm sloughs off the biocarrier in a natural way.

An aeration grid located at the bottom of the reactor supplies oxygen to the biofilm along with the mixing energy required to keep the biocarriers suspended and completely mix within the reactor.

Treated water flows from reactor through a grid or a sieve, which retains the MBBR biocarriers in the reactor. Depending on the wastewater, the reactors are may be equipped with special spray nozzles that prevent excessive foam formation.



  • Skid mounted and ready to use plant
  • Compact and efficient plant.
  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated
  • Low cost in terms of civil and onsite costs.
  • Unit can be easily transported to site
  • Quick installation
  • Simple operation
  • Minimal manpower
  • Effective biological system
  • User friendly - low and easy maintenance
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Custom design / application specific systems
  • Long service life


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment (Residential facility, Hotels, Hostels, and Resorts)
  • Remote mining, logging, and construction sites
  • Low Flow / High Strength and High Flow / Low Strength application
  • Biological treatment for industrial wastewater flows like Refineries, Food Processing Plants etc.
  • Manufacturing facilities, power plants, military bases
  • Schools and other educational campuses

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