wastewater dubai safSubmerged Aerated Filter

The active biological process is performed using an extremely efficient Submerged Aerated Trickling Bio Filter.

The bio zone of the STOF is fitted with a very high specific area, structured uPVC media.  The media is designed with angled, cross fluting and forms an ideal environment for the growth of biomass.  The media is engineered in a structured manner to promote extended liquor and air bubble contact time and prevent short circuiting of flow and air common in “random, loose media” systems.

The biomass is fixed to the PVC media thus preventing “wash out” or “loss” of sludge so often found in poorly designed extended aeration plants.

From time to time, biomass is “sloughed” from the surface of the PVC media. This happens automatically and is determined by the thickness of the biomass as well as the air bubble size and motion.  Slough biomass passes out of the bio zone wit the liquor flow.  New biomass quickly grows on the vacated part of the PVC media.

The very high specific surface area of the PVC media allows for high sludge densities and therefore much reduced retention times, leading to smaller bio zones and hence highly efficient oxidation compared with extended aeration processes.

The Bio zone tank will be constructed from ECS (epoxy coated steel).


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