Ultrafiltration (UF)

ultrafiltration uf dubaiUltrafiltration (UF)

Ultrafiltration systems eliminate the need for clarifiers and multimedia filters for waste streams to meet critical discharge criteria or to be further processed by wastewater recovery systems for water recovery. Efficient ultrafiltration systems utilize membranes which can be submerged, back-flushable, air scoured, spiral wound UF/MF membrane that offers superior performance for the clarification of wastewater and process water.
The primary advantages of UF membrane processes compared with conventional clarification and disinfection (postchlorination) processes are:
•    No need for chemicals (coagulants, flocculates, disinfectants, pH adjustment);
•    Size-exclusion filtration as opposed to media depth filtration;
•    Good and constant quality of the treated water in terms of particle and microbial removal;
•    Process and plant compactness; and
•    Simple automation.


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