water softnersTakreer Envirotech manufacturers a wide range of water softeners with capacities.  Water softeners are skid mounted, factory assembled, wired and tested.  Piping, automated valves, pressure gauges and accessories are included.  All of our municipal, industrial, and commercial water softeners are delivered ready to install.  Complete water softening systems include an automated brine maker, automated brine injection package, and system control via a PLC with touch screen operator interface. Operation of the system can be integrated with an existing plant DCS.

Only premium grade cation softening resin is utilized.  The amount of resin is engineered to the quality of the raw water and the desired level of reduction in water hardness. Our water softeners are ideal for deionizers, demineralizers, and dealkalizers with capacities from 25 GPM to over 10 MGD. Water softeners only are also available instead of complete systems.



  • Potable water
  • Contact process water
  • Boiler & reactor feed and make-up water
  • Cooling tower make-up water
  • High purity water
  • Large laundry and restaurant facilities
  • Protection of heat transfer elements and spray nozzles
  • Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis or deionizer systems
  • Wastewater re-use
  • Groundwater remediation

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